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    Conditional build tags in RH GONE WILD!


      Hello forum!


      A help project in RH is having problems with conditional build tags. Five CBTs but two of them in particular are being applied apparently by RoboHELP. Seems like every new day, when editing a topic, a different build tag starts populating itself. Can edit the topic in HTML view and all's fine, but when the view is switched to Design view, conditional build tags are applied throughout the topic.


      We were using RH9 until last week when the issue started. Installed the 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 patches, and the problem stopped for two days, but now it is back. RH9 now is also spontaneously adding bold and italics to text.


      It's now proceeding with adding bold text and italic text to the project.


      Reported to Adobe yesterday as bug # 3752233, but I do not have a really warm fuzzy feeling that we'll get a response in the next week.


      What I really need to know:


      1. Why is this occurring?


      2. How do we make it stop occurring? Vaibhav at the Adobe chat sales recommends that we re-install RH 9 because he suspects that something has become defective. He is not able to be more specific, though, and that makes me nervous because the 9.0.1 patch was released to address this defect.


      3. How do I keep this from spreading to other projects, because it just cropped up in a previously "uninfected" project?


      I'm working on a business case to upgrade, since I know RH9 is two versions back.


      Appreciate your assistance!