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    next video won't play

      Here is a description of the flash file in question:
      On the stage is a video object and a next and previous button. In the code there is an array of strings that is a list of .flv file names. The next button increments the current video number, and then plays the next .flv in the list. The previous button, decrements the variable and plays the previous .flv. Very simple.

      Here's the problem::
      Apparently, when viewing the .swf in Safari, (and FIrefox, tho it seems more intermittent) if you hit the next or previous button repeatedly and very rapidly a few times, the video that is supposed to play at that point doesn't. The video player just remains blank. If you hit the buttons at, say, 1 second intervals, the videos play with no problem. So it has to do with how rapidly you hit the buttons. And apparently (from my initial tests) this problem does not occur in Internet Explorer.

      I have tried doing a ns.close() before playing the next .flv, I tried putting in a pause before playing via setTimeout, nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any insight into this problem?

      The test can be seen at: http://www.donaustencreative.com/test.html - Open this URL in Safari, and as soon as the first video starts playing, hit the next button like 3 or 4 times as fast as you can. At this point the video player should just sit there blank. Now hit next or previous a few times at 1 or 2 second intervals, and the videos should play fine. I could post the code, but it is literally as simple as I described above.