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    Audio Issues with InDesign! Need Help!


      I'm having a big problem with InDesign where I've created an interactive .swf book that I want to put on my squarespace website. I've put a small 1 minute audio clip in the file that is set to play on 'Page Load' -- it doesn't loop because I don't want it to interfere with the other videos and .swf books that are already on the site. When I export the file, I have InDesign set to bring up the preview and the sound works just fine and it's great! However, once I put it onto my squarespace and load up the page, the sound will not play. I've tried web hosting the .swf file on other sites and the same thing happens which is why I'm thinking it's an InDesign issue. Please help! I would really love to figure out what the bug is because the audio really enhances the experience of the interactive book.