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    Issues with iFrame elements in Illustrator


      Currently I'm having issues with adding an iFrame element to an extension run in Illustrator.


      I'm using Eclipse 4.3 to run extension build 3, release 3.  I've created the basic project, and I get the extension to function correctly when there's just the basic button.  Further I can make changes to the button (change the text) and it continues to work.


      However, when I add an iFrame element to the extension it seems to crash.  The extension window opens and then immediately closes.  There are no error messages from Illustrator, nor are there any errors in any log files from adobe/illustrator.


      Here is the line I'm attempting to add to the basic starter application in the index.html file:


      <iframe src="http://localhost:8080/tests/testfixture/" width="150" height="150"></iframe>


      Also I can manually load index.html file and it works correctly when opened by Chrome.


      I am using Illustrator CC 17.1.0 32/64 bit.