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    Extensive Framemaker Server 12 issues

    Tiggyboo1 Level 1

      We're moving from a history of utilizing patternstream and the normal Framemaker desktop edition in a way that would make the existing server software pale by comparison - but we discovered our setup might have been outside the license agreement, so we scuttled that mechanism in "favor" of purchasing the server edition.   Since then we've had multiple problems with sparse technical support.  In desperation I'll list the problems here on the outside chance that some kind soul might have some advice.




      OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

      Hardware: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93 GHz (Virtual Box)

      Framemaker Publishing Server Version: 12.0.1




      1. Running locally on the server, when I attempt to browse the file path in the "Specify Input Task" dialog associated with creating a new task, I am unable to and a popup says "The applet request was denied."  I am running the server on an administrative account.  The same holds true for attempting to create a template.


      2. #1 is not a problem via remote machines running the web interface, but after selecting a task and specifying a Framemaker 12 (.fm) document as input, the task will not run, and a message stating "Input file type not supported. Please select the correct file type."


      3. Attempting to create a template on an external box via the web browser results in a perpetual "IO exception. Could not complete the requested action."  However, I did get this to work ONCE by putting in an IP based path in "Output Directory."  However, the next time I returned to the page the template no lnger appeared in the template list.


      4. It seems as if I need to authenticate at least 3 times for any one action on the server.  Putting in bogus credentials doesn't seem to make a difference one way or another.


      There are more issues than just these, but I'll leave it at this for now.  Any suggestions appreciated!