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    Image Extraction Improvements


      A bug: the file name field under "Save as image..." doesn't allow cursor navigation (using the arrow keys to move through the text).


      And a feature request: the "Save as image" filetype and settings (quality) should either remember settings previously used for other images or automatically predict the output type (based on content of layer maybe?)

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          brucebowman Employee Moderator

          Hi pangolingo,


          Thanks for the bug report and feature request.


          We're trying to be clever about the default file type selected when you click on the Download Asset arrow icon. If the layer has a Generator tag, we will respect that, and preselect those settings. E.g., if the layer name is 'hero_01 jpg9' we'd preselect JPG and 90% quality.


          If no Generator tag is present in the layer name, we default to JPG and 80%.


          We'll consider some smarter defaults - good idea.