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    CINEWARE-Settings : please fill out the executable paths (Mac)


      This is probably the easiest fix but I've been unable to find any one else having a similar issue and I'm out of ideas...


      iMac 27" 3.4 GHz i7 16GB DDR3
      OS X 10.7.5


      AE CC

      C4D R15.057


      Essentially, I want to change from C4D Lite to C4D R15 Broadcast as my default version within Cineware.
      My understanding is Cineware should default to the full licensed version, if it is found. (which it does find when I click "Defaults" under the Cineware > Options... menu.)


      But, everytime I select my newer version and go to click OK (to close CINEWARE-Settings) I get the error message "Please fill out the executable paths"


      What it looks like before:
      /Volumes/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC/Plug-Ins/MAXON CINEWARE AE/(CINEWARE Support)/lite/CINEMA 4D Lite.app


      What I want it to look like:
      /Volumes/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R15/CINEMA 4D.app


      What am I doing wrong? What should my executable path look like instead?


      Any help would be appreciated... Thanks!