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    The issue is menu making.  I need a larger selection for a DVD about the Sea - water - Ocean!  Jack


      I have been a adobe customer for a long time.  I am using this internet system not knowing how to speak with a representative, although I can speak with the support team, who suggested I go to this forum method.  I have submitted a question regarding menu.  My program has only a few and I am searching for a way to be able to buy more like I would for instance with making DVD Jewel Cases - some 1,120 were offerred for my Sea of Love DVD.  I need to look good as this is a very top professional work that will sell well, but I don't have an appropriate menu.  As I recall, a previous Premeir Elements Program I had - in fact had a good Menu of under the sea or ocean.  Can you begin to help me with what otherwise should be a simple issue.  Please email me at artgasjack7@yahoo.com if you can help and let us begin some discussion on this important subject your company should feel to be serving to a customer.  I also will now go to all the instructions available and have used the internet, but I do not presently have internet and using my public library and all I need for general use.  I live in the country - farm area and internet is not available.  Jack Kennedy Hodgkin