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    Some questions about sharing resources, eg via dropbox...




      1. I see that one way to share all topics with another RH user is to open the Topics List pod, select all topics, then drag the lot to Resource Manager (eg, the Dropbox folder therein). Is there a way to add images and other non-topic files in a similar way, or do I need to dive into each directory in project files, then select-drag the files to Dropbox?
      2. Is there a way to configure RH such that all new files that are added to a project are automatically copied to Resource Manager so one doesn't have to remember to do this manually?
      3. Is there a way to share resources other than files in the Project Files folder, such as TOC definitions, Index defs, Glossary defs, and the single-source layouts? I see that I can't drag these items to the Dropbox folder. The idea is to be able to have other writers  recreate the project on there systems. (Perhaps I'm missing the purpose of Resource Manager. Perhaps duplication of entire projects is best performed using a CMS.)