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    Returning DE books with less that 2 days to go


      Hey all,


      As a grad student I tend to borrow a lot of books through DE at one time, often week to week as different assessments are due.


      While many books are automatically borrowed for 14 days, some are automatically borrowed for only 7. While the shorter period in itself is fine (I'm usually done within 7 days) when I try and return these shorter period loan books, the "Return borrowed item" option is unselectable as an option when they get to around 2 days left.


      If anyone knows how to return these books in this case it would be much appreciated - sooner or later those handful of books I can't return could be the difference between being able to borrow more and having and not having enough background knowledge and research.


      I've noted some people suggest using Windows Explorer to delete the original files, but yeah I've also read this can screw up DE too when it looks for books that should be there but aren't.