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    Why won't swf file play embedded videos?

    PintoSixty Level 1

      I created a swf file in inDesign.  I embedded 3 videos within the document, all of which are embedded (stored on my host's server).  I created the videos in Premiere Pro, saving them as H.264 (mp4), with sound codec AAC.  I placed each video on its appropriate page in inDesign using the media dialogue box, choosing a poster image and a set of controls that become visible when hovered over.  The swf file I placed onto a webpage in Adobe Muse, then uploaded that page to its host.  When the website comes up, and I click on the page that holds the swf file, it looks good ... I have page-turning applied, and that works fine.  But, when I go to click on a video, the frame just disappears.


      Here's the caveat:  After saving the swf file, I opted for it to open in my browser window.  When inspecting the file in the browser, the videos work fine.


      I have opened the webpage in Chrome, Firefox & IE, but the videos won't play.


      Here's a link to the webpage:





      Please help, if you can.  I would hate to have to start over by rebuilding every single page in inDesign file inside of Muse (since Muse can't take a PDF file.  I thought about saving each ID page as a jpg, then building a fullscreen slideshow in Muse, then placiing each page inside of the slideshow presentation .. then writing html code into those jpg pages in order to link my videos from vimeo or youtube ... but I dont' want to go that route.  I've put in way too many hours as it is.


      Sure hope someone can help ...


      Phil in Friday Harbor