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    Audition clipping audio; iZotope not


      My on-location dialogue was recorded a bit too loud and there are a few instances in which it is clipped when I scrub through it in Audittion; however, when I open it up in iZotope, all of the audio data is present with no clipping. Is there some kind of settings that I need to change in Audition for the clipping not to happen? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you actually hearing clipping or just going by the waveform display?

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            jarwood23 Level 1

            Yes I am hearing clipping as well as seeing it within the waveform. However, iZotope isn't showing clipping in the waveform or through sound.

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              SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

              To provide any sort of answer to this at all, we'd need to see an uncompressed version of an example of the offending waveform, and some more information about the format this audio was originally recorded in. And, which iZotope product have you opened it in? Are we talking about a version of RX? Also, with Audition, are you opening this waveform in Multitrack or Waveform view?


              One significant thing (and the reason I'm asking about Multitrack) is one of the potential side-effects of opening a file as a 32-bit floating point type. These are easy to set up so that they look and sound as though they're overloading and clipping, whereas in reality they aren't - it's just that the gain has been turned up so that they overload the output, and appear clipped. In reality, all that has to happen is that turning the gain down again will restore normality, as it's only the scaling that gets altered, not the waveform itself.

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                jarwood23 Level 1

                Thank you so much for your response! And I apologize for the lack of information, I do not deal with audio very often so I am not up to speed on all of the technical aspects of it. However, I was just messing with some different import methods and had some luck!


                Originally, I was right clicking the audio file in Premiere and choosing "Edit Clip in Adobe Audition" which would open Audition, blah blah blah. The waveform would appear with clipped sections. This time I opened Audition and imported the clip directly, instead of through Premiere, and it came up with the entire waveform in tact! No clipping at all. So I think it is all under control now.


                Thanks again everyone!

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                  SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

                  Yeah, I'd be much happier blaming Premiere, although why this is happening is still a little strange, as it shouldn't. I can't try it easily though, as I keep my DAW relatively clean with no video pollution on it at all!