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    Slow rendering even with 2 GTX 770 4GB Video Cards


      I am wondering why when I check the Vram in preferences its only showing up that its accessing 4GB Total and not the whole 8GB available. I have two cards that are 4GB each. Using GPU-Z it doesnt seem to be actively using my 2nd video card at all. Its not heating up or filling ram buffers. I thought AE was supposed to be able to utilize all the available cuda cores and ram installed as long as the video cards were the same. They are minus the possibilty the BIOS versions could be different.


      I am not using the SLI bridge as I have read in other areas that its not necessary and sometimes not supported in AE. Please advise suggestions. I would like to utilize all the spead I can since I paid for it.


      I have a pretty fast system:


      i7 3770k

      32GB Ram

      2- GTX 770 4GB vram each

      2 SSD

      4 HD

      4TB Raid Tower

      Water Cooling

      850W PS