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    Script Error in Movieclip

      I am creatign a flash website with in it a movieclip.

      The movieclip contains 8 frames.
      In frames 1 to 4 you will find text which belongs together.
      With the use of buttons you can skip one frame to the next part of the text (with on press gotoandstop(2) etc.)

      In frame 5 to 8 you will also find text wich belongs together.
      Again you can reed the full text by skipping one frame with the 'on press gotoandstop(6) etc. function.

      In this first movieclip you will find a second mobievlip (Movieclip2) This movieclip contains no information on frame 1
      and on frame 2 you will find a text 'Caution you are pushing the wrong button'

      Throug the main flash 'page' I controll the movieclip by clicking on the right button.
      When pushing this button the movieclip should jump to frame 5 so you can start to read the text in frame 5 to 8
      This button also causes the main flash page to jump from frame 1 to frame 2.

      The buttons call upon the following script:

      // Sc01 Wrong
      // Sc01 Correct

      Under the wrong button you will find the following script:

      on(press) {
      _root.sc01wrong = true;

      Under the correct button you will find the following script:
      on(press) {
      _root.sc01correct = true;

      Everything but one works fine.
      When I click on the correct button I loose the functionality of Movieclip1
      When I wish to click on the 'next' button (on press gotoandstop(6)) it jumps to frame 6 AND
      automatically jumps back to Frame 5

      I have tested movieclip1 as a seperate flash file with an extra button for jumping to frame 5
      and this works perfectly. So I guess the error must be found in the script. But I do not know where.
      Will anyone help me to find this bug so I can continue to create the website.