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    My Photoshop Program and the Creative Cloud Desktop Manager both mysteriously disappeared


      Help! I safely downloaded the both programs a few weeks ago and my Photoshop was working fine, but suddenly, it DISAPPEARED! I can't find it anywhere, I didn't delete it or anything. I searched for it in the Start Menu, All Programs and the Recycle Bin, but I still can't find it. It's like it was never there before.


      I tried to download it again, but the download won't work anymore. I have the Creative Cloud Set-Up application, but I can't access the Desktop Manager. What do I do? Every time I try to download it again, nothing happens. I don't seem to have a Desktop Manager, even if it was there before.


      How do I find it?


      Or, if I can't find it

      How do I get the Desktop Manager again?


      Please reply, I REALLY need this...