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    Flash CS6 Anchor Point Glitch?


      Theres  this strange glitch Ive encountered while trying to make a background in  flash CS6. The strokes were made using the brush and I straightened  them out by deleting anchor points in the fills. But when I tried to add  an anchor point in several areas of a chair I was trying to smoothen  out I encountered a glitch I couldnt find a work around.




      If I added an anchor point to the top, left and right side on the  outside of the rectangle, all the connected outlines of the image get  deleted. It can be seen on the top of the image.


      If I added an anchor point anywhere on the inside of the left side or  bottom of the rectangle it fills the entire inside with black. It can  be seen on the bottom of the the image.


      Another thing is that on the top side of the outside of the rectangle  if I add an anchor point where the the two legs intersect the rectangle  it also fills it up with black just like the glitch in paragraph four.


      Ive tried closing and restarting flash and restarting my computer,  but it still doesnt solve the issue. Im not sure if this is a glitch or  some command I dont know about.