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    Animated Texts in Demoversion don't seem to work properly

    concreteduck Level 1

      Hey there,


      I am quite interested in buying and working with Adobe Premiere Elements (12). I do quite some hobby film editing, and have some experiences on the field with other free programmes (like Avidemux, Movie Maker, etc.), but I have some spare money and thought that Premiere would help me do my job easier, and / or better.


      So, I downloaded the demo version to see if I can get around it, and if it has all the functions I want from a program, that is at least a little bit expensive from my point of view.



      All in all I think it is neat, but I have one problem that is a severe problem for me. I can't get my texts animated. No matter what I do. I have read the related FAQ-section, I have had a browse-around in the Adobe TV section, and I don't think I am doing it the wrong way - it just doesn't work.



      I have my video, audio and all the stuffs in place. Around the time of 10-15 seconds I do have a title (sort of an intro-title-thingy), and I don't want that to just "pop up" and "pop out", but rather have some nifty animation to come in.

      What I am trying is:

      Activating / selecting the text passage.

      Going to the righthand window, selecting the "animation" tab. There we have the first problem: The preview of the shown effects does only work randomly (which means sometimes it doesn't work at all), and if so, only with a quite big delay. 

      Nevertheless, when I try to apply any of those animations, I just have no possible way of doing so. The "OK" Button on the bottom of the animation tab is grayed-out, so I can't click that. If I try to drag&Drop the animation on the text in question, it just shows a forbidden-sign and doesn't apply it. Whether I try to drag and drop it on the preview-text in the preiview-video, or if I try to Drag&Drop it to the text in the overview-timeline down below.


      From the same window I can apply styles, I can change the text font, etc. The only thing I can't get to work is the animation thing.



      I am also quite certain that my new PC should not be the problem - I work on 16 Gigs of RAM, Win 8.1 and an Intel Xeon processor, so that should be enough to handle the workload...



      Since I think animated texts are quite improtant for video editing and videos without it look quite, quite less professional, this would be a reason for me to not buy the program at all. Although I think it MIGHT be related to the fact that it is only a demo, but since I can't check that without investing money...

      Anyhow, I was hoping that maybe you nice people here have an idea where I am going wrong, and that maybe this is all just related to my own stupidity, so any good ideas? Help? And stuffs?


      Thanks for your help in advance!