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    A bug in the serial nuimber validation???


      I have purchased the DVD version "Adobe Premiere + Photoshop Elements 12" last Saturday.

      After installing the programs and creating my account, I noticed it was in English.

      As I am Flemish Belgian I rather wanted the program language in Dutch.

      I uninstalled the programs along the Configuration screen.

      Later on I have learned I had to deactivate first.

      In order to get the programs in my language, I have learned via the forum that I have to download a trial version and then have to change the language.

      I did it by signing in with my serial numbers.

      The installation went through until the end.

      When I run both programs, The language indeed is in Dutch but I only can use the Organizer.

      When I choose the Editor, I am asked to sign in. (my account on that screen already is noticeable).

      By clicking the sign in button I am asked in the next screen to connect to the internet in order to validate the serial number.

      By doing this I notice there is a motion but the screen remains the same. Nothing happens. The opening screen hangs on.

      This is where I am now . I am now spending each evening since 4 days and still have 3 days until the validation time is expired.


      I would be grateful If someone could help me through this nightmare.