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    Why cut shapes into text in 3D (Photoshop CS6)?


      Right. Hello all.


      I'm having a little bit of an issue with photoshop cs6 3d function. It's pretty damn good (I'm using it for the first time) and I'm pretty impressed. However, whenever I go through a prelim render to get the jist of what the text I'm working on will look like, it decides to cut a random shape into a specific letter (the letter 'A', capitalised, News Gothic, Caps).


      Why is it doing this?


      I've tried multiple times to start over again after trying to change as much as possible but it still comes back and always comes back affecting the 'A'! Please see screengrab below.


      Help please!


      Thank you,




      Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.58.52.png