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    Cant target a html frame from navigation.swf

      I can't make the Flash actionscript "getURL" link to an HTML Frame.
      It's 4 days now that I'm Breaking my head trying to figure that out.

      I'm working on:
      - Windows XP- with Flash MX Pro.
      - Dreamweaver for HTML.
      - Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

      I'm trying to create an HTML Frameset with 2 Frames ("navigation" and "main", in one of them ("navigation") there's a Flash navigation Panel and the other Frame ("main") is the target Frame to load the HTML's into.

      Whenever I target my file (in Flash, using "getURL") to "_self", "_top" or "_parent", it works just fine and loads the file to the right Frame.
      Whenever I change the targeting to the Frame's Name ( "main", as mentioned), it loads the file to a new browser window (which means, it doesn't find the target - "main"

      The hole site design is depending on this contruction.

      I´ve have this problem both local and remote

      Please can someone help me - i´m gonna show this site
      tomorrow on employment interview