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    Flash question

      I am using Flash 8 Pro

      I am doing some goto Onclick frame selection in a flash movie

      I don't want to add a button.. I want to to be able to select a section on the movie and click on it then it switchs to a different frame kinda

      let's say I have a copied of a Internet Explorer,internet options page screen in my flash... and what I want is to be able to click on the tabs on top (general, connections..advanced) to be able to switch frames kinda like a virtual windows emulator

      how to I select a piece of the tab then add an actionscript to it for it to change goto frame ?

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          sneakyimp Level 2
          Sounds like you want to make a clickable tab which will take some movie to a different frame. Isn't there a flash component for that?

          If not, you will need to create some kind of button like object - either an 'invisible' button (a button movieclip with nothing on the regular/mouseover/click frames) or a movie clip with some actionscript assigned to its onMouseDown event.

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            Sylvain_&_Jen Level 1
            maybe I have to cut a piece of tab and make it into a button..
            and then paste it offer it