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    Bending one side of a 2D image (not cropping or masking)




      I want to animate a logo for a runners race. I want to make the logo bend under the pressure of a runners steps ontop of it. But not the whole logo, just the part under the foot. I just can't find how not to affect the whole hight of the logo. I want to do it as easily as on a shape layer with a bezier point/curve, making a "bump" in the ground. I've googled for tutorials for half a day but the only thing I find is bending in 3D like a tube.....


      Anyone that can help me with this?


      All the best


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE Basics... If you want to distort something look in the Effects>Distort section. There are a bunch to choose from:

          Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 6.42.24 AM.png

          Depending on your comp you might want to use Liquefy, Bulge, Mesh Warp, Displacement Map, Bezier Warp.... I can't suggest what would be best without seeing your comp. Try a few and animate the values. If you want to animate a layer's position or shape and have it distort another layer use Displacement Map. You may even be able to use the runners foot or a copy of it as the displacement map.


          Here's some basic stuff I wrote on advanced displacement mapping.