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    InDesign URLs losing destinations


      We have a situation where the URLs in placed copy in InDesign CS6 docs are losing their destinations and we don't know why.


      Our work begins as Word documents, and the URLs therein are designated as such, and the destination links work. We then import the Word docs into a flat InDesign document, and the links between the URLs and the destinations hold. Character and paragraph styling is done and then the copy is copied and pasted into an InDesign template, chapter by chapter. Again, the URLs retain their destinations. Yet we are finding instances where, after corrections are made to the copy, images are placed, etc., all of the URLs suddenly are without destinations (question marks in the hyperlink panel) and we can't determine what is causing this. All work is being done on the same Mac, so it doesn't seem to be a transfer issue (don't know why that would be an issue anyway).


      Any thoughts on how to safeguard these links would be appreciated.

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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi prodmanprod,

          Strange!! may I know what have you copied , only text, the object(frame containing text).

          Have you just copied them or they have retained their linking with the original text. And when you say making corrections is that you are making corrections to the original word document or the first placed instance of it.

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            JennProdMan Level 1

            Hi Monica,


            The copying is straightforward highlight text, copy (clipboard), paste in template. The destinations at that point still are good.


            The corrections at that point are all made to the text as placed in the template, which is now the working doc.


            Originally I thought that the copy/paste was the issue, but if the destinations are still there in the pasted text, what would subsequently make them disappear? Is there some sort of linkage to the original doc that is taking place, so that once the new doc or the original changes location/address the links are broken and the destinations lost?

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              Monica Singh Adobe Employee

              Ideally if you are copying the text from word document and pasting in the InDesign doc, hyperlinks should not preserved at all.


              If to preserve them you have to place(from edit menu) that word document in the InDesign document. I guess placing will resolve the issue for you.

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                Javed_ali Adobe Employee

                It depends on what type of Hyperlink you have created. Each hyperlink has a destination and some are shared destinations. When you place a word document having hyperlinks in them to InDesign document these hyperlinks come to the InDesign document and point to hyperlink destinations which are also created with the place. (you can see hyperlink destinations in Hyperlink panel flyout menu.)

                Now when you copy the hyperlink from InDesign document to another document the hyperlink text is copied but this Hyperlink destination remains in the first document and as soon as that document is no longer accessible (you maybe deleted it or moved it to a new location) the hyperlinks in the second document don't have a destination to point to.


                What you can do to solve the issue?

                Either somehow use the same document as the template.

                Or make sure that the hyperlinks are not shared destination hyperlinks, to do so open the hyperlink(double click on the name of hyperlink in the Hyperlinks panel) and there is a check box below the URL field "Shared Destination" un-check it and then copy the hyperlinks.

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                  JennProdMan Level 1

                  Thanks to you both for the responses--very helpful! One last question, if either of you know: it seems that "shared destination" is the default when you create new hyperlinks; is there a way to change this so it is not the default? Can't find anything in preferences.

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                    Javed_ali Adobe Employee

                    There are 2 ways of creating a Hypelrink

                    1. Select some text and in the hyperlinks panel type in the URL in the URL edit box.

                    2. Select some text and in the Hyperlinks panel click on Create New Hyperlink button at the bottom of the panel, that opens up the New Hyperlink dialog, in the dialog there's an option "Shared Hyperlink Destination", uncheck it and you wont create a shared hyperlink.


                    With the first you always create a Shared hyperlink destination.

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                      I've had the same issue with links including ?, for example http://www.domain.com/sv/SelectItem/?circle=715407&g=0


                      The link appears in the browser like this http://www.domain.com/sv/SelectItem/?%0Dcircle=715407&g=0 when opening the link from the PDF in Adobe Reader. Those extra symbols breaks the link.


                      I havn't found any good solution on the problem, I use to make a shorter URL by using Tinyurl to get it working.

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                        Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                        %0D would maybe mean a carriage return sneaked somehow in. How could that be?

                        A hex representation of &#13 according to this table:

                        HTML character codes



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                          wlym Level 1

                          Thank you thank you thank you! Hours of frustration solved by unclicking Shared Destination! Still not sure why a URL with no reference to anything on my computer would be affected by Shared Destination but at least now I know to avoid it.