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    After Effects Needing .0002GB more of memory,  Help!


      I am currently careting an informational video for my company in After Effects CC. The video is roughly 4 minutes long but I am breaking it down into smaller projects. The only I am currently working on it about a minute long and is basically just a slide show of products we use. For the slideshow I am using Idustrial Revolution: CoverFlux. I keep trying to preview it but it gets to about 3 seconds and tells me " AE cannot allocate .0002GB of memory to render the current frame.". I have tryed to add More RAM to AE giving it the max it will let me (6.5 GB), I have cleared any Cache, etc and it still will not allow me to render it. Is there any way to give it more memory or do I just need to upgrade the memory of my computer? I have a 27in iMac with 8GB of memory and room for 2 more memory slots saying " each slot accepts a 1600 MHz DDR3 memory module. " If I upgrade to more memory will that help me? Or using an external hard drive?