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    CFMail -- not sending

      I'm trying to send a password on request. I've got another application on the same server, one folder level deeper than the non-working app, and it works fine. I've checked my mailsent logs, and it's registering that email is sent from both apps, but only the one gets to me. The mail is not ending up in my undelivered or spool folders.

      Here's the hierarchy:
      Root folder
      - OGB_Portal (non working app)
      - Schools
      - - SchoolNotices (working app)

      Both of these are using the same mail server (obviously, because they're housed on the same server). Is there something that I can check that might be allowing the "SchoolNotices" email out, but not the "OGB_Portal" stuff?

      I've attached the CFMail code for each of the apps. I can attach it in context as well if necessary -- both are nested within email verification, database checks, etc. I'm passing the proper information to the results screen just fine -- I have code that runs after the CFMail that says "The password for [Email Address] was sent" which is displaying just fine, so I know the code isn't just vomiting at the CFMail tag.