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    Brushsize with the mouse

    Ashvin Ghisyawan Level 1

      Does anyone know's how I can change my brushsize with the mouse scroll like in adobe Lightroom? I can only change it with the + and - button.


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          All mice are not created equal and mouse support varies. My Microsoft mouse has a tilting scroll wheel and five programable buttons. It would be easy to program  the "[" and "]" keys to change brush size to mouse buttons.  LR is not needed so I do not install it so I do not know how LR scrolls brush size.


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            wes1 Level 2

            Ashvin, I have a Mac with wacom tablet. Have you tried holding down the Control + left click and drag left and right for  cursor size and Control +left click and drag up and down for hardness. You must have a painting or selection tool selected for this to work. Once you are used to this method, it is very fast.