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    Survey Loop


      I am currently trying to configure a survey. Based on the option(s) chosen on page 1 of the survey, you are redirected to a specific page. I have been able to correctly direct the loop if one of the five options has been selected, but if multiple options are selected, the loop does not bring you to the correct page.


      Does anyone have an idea on how to create two survey loops?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          Whether what you are attempting to do is supported or not depends on exactly what it is you are trying to do.  In your form do you want users to go to page x if answer a is selected, but go to page y if BOTH a & c are selected?  This is something that is not supported.  If instead you are attempting to create a loop where is both a & c are selected the form goes to page x followed by page y then that can be done.  If you are attempting the second scenario then I can help you figure out how to set up the logic.




          Jeff Canepa

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            Findingtheloop Level 1

            Hello Jeff,


            I am working with Michael Kodransky on this survey. I am trying to complete the second option. Essentially, here is the layout:


            Page 1:


            Please select






            Page 2:

            A information


            Page 3:

            B information


            ...And so forth.


            Final page 7:



            If someone selects A and B, I am trying to have the survey transition from pages: 1, 2, 3, 7. How do I make the logic for this work?


            Could you additionally add the corresponding sequence is A, B, C, and D are all selected?


            Please contact me at Kaysey.Grard@itdp.org

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              jcanepa Adobe Employee

              After creating all of the pages you require you would select the first page break (it says Page 2) and select the Navigate to Page check box in the field properties palette (it is labled Skip Logic Rules).  In the Navigate to Page dialog you will select page 7 in the Go to directly drop down.  In ...unless drop down you will select the multiple choice field.  Then click on + Add Condition.  Set Select Value to "A"  and go to ...page to Page 2.


              1. Create your form with all the pages you intend to have
              2. Select the first page break (New Page field).  It should have the label Page 2
              3. Select the Navigate to Page check box in the Field Properties palette (it will have the lable Skip Logic Rules)
              4. In the Navigate to Page dialog se the Go directly to drop down to Page 7
              5. In the ...unless drop down select your multiple choice field
              6. Click on + Add Condition
              7. Set Select Value to "A" and go to ...page to Page 2.
              8. Dismiss dialog by clicking on OK
              9. Select the next page break (Page 3)
              10. Repeat steps 3 - 6
              11. Set Select Value to "B" and go to ...page to Page 3
              12. Click on + Add Condition
              13. Set Select Value to "C" and go to ...page to Page 4
              14. Click on + Add Condition
              15. Set Select Value to "D" and go to ...page to Page 5
              16. repeat for any remaining pages then dismiss dialog by clicking OK
              17. Select the next page break (Page 4)
              18. Repeat steps 3 - 6
              19. Repeat steps 13-16 (add conditions for "C" and "D")
              20. Select next page break and add conditions for "D"


              That should do it.