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    "Headers and Footers" error message

      Often when I'm in a topic and double-click on a template to open it and get some standard text, I get a dialog box called "Headers and Footers" which scolds me about "This topic was created from a template and the header and footer has been modified." There are two options: "Apply this modification to al topics created from the template" and "Apply this modification to this topic only. Note: Choosing this option will remove the link to the template." Weird this is, neither my topics nor my template have a header or footer. Did long ago, but I deleted it. Is this a common buggy error, or perhaps something residual from a header/footer of long ago? Thx, Eric

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi MunchMan and welcome to our community

          Normally, we use Templates to create Headers and Footers and apply them to a group or all topics. Naturally, if RoboHelp HTML thinks you have modified a Header or a Footer inside of a topic attached to a template, it is giving you the option of updating all topics with the template attached or disassociating from the existing template and basically "orphaning" the topic from any templates.

          I'm not sure I'd classify it as a bug. More along the lines of "working as designed" or "expected behavior".

          Cheers... Rick
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            Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
            I think the bug is more how it determines when you've modified the header or footer. I sometimes get the message after just editing the content like normal - not double-clicking anywhere weird, or modifying truecode or anything.

            Each time it happens I try to recall any common steps I might have taken, but haven't been able to reproduce on command yet. :)