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    After Effects preview problem

    Neno Alyani

      hey guys im an after effects editor , and i used to have a crappy pc , so i decided i'll collect some money and get a powerful pc ,and indeed i bought one , here's the specs :-



      CPU : Intelcore i7 4770 @3.40 GHz

      RAM : 8gb

      GPU : Geforce GTX 650

      OS : Windows 7 Ultimate

      Motherboard : ASROCK z87 Extreme 3

      Power supply : Strike-x 600W



      i bought this pc like before two months , and it was really incredible i could render Element 3D videos in no time , and i could watch my edits while editing in Full Resolution , it was like a dream coming true , but unfortunately last week something weird happened , my pc suddenly got slow and somebody changed my skype password and i knew it was a hacker but i got rid of him by changing some setting and my ip , but now my after effects is still slow , and i'm really pissed i mean i paid like ( 1600 $ ) for this pc , so any solutions please ?