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    Image replacement

      Hello All,

      I am *very* new to Director, and have been given a task to update an existing CBT that was done in Director a while back by people I do not have access to (group not there anymore). And, the only updates that need to be made to the CBT are updates to the screenshots.

      I do have some experience with Flash so the Director interface does not completely throw me, but I'd like to ask this question to save time.

      The application (the one for which the CBT has been created) interface has changed a bit and my customer wants the CBT to have those changes reflected in it. As far as I can tell, there is no specific functionality in Director to do a straightforward image replacement. So, I am asking advice on what would be the best method for making such updates.

      Thanks much for the help. I am using Director MX 2004.
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          The most straightforward way is to do it one image at a time.

          Click on the image that you are replacing in Director's cast window.
          Note what the name of it is. Press Delete. Click on File, Import... and
          find the new image. If the new image should be built into the Director
          movie, then make sure the bottom field (Media) has "Standard Import"
          selected. If it is meant to be an image that is externally linked to
          the Director movie, then it should be set to "Link to external file".

          This will replace all instances in the score with the new image. It is
          usually best to now change the name of the new member to the name that
          you noted the old member had. That will make sure that anything that is
          scripted to expect the old image name finds it correctly.

          Repeat as needed with all your new media. It is best if the old image
          and the new image are the same size (width x height). If they are not,
          then it depends on how the person set things up, but you may need to go
          in and rescale things to match their new sizes/aspect ratios.
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            Thank you so much for your time. The suggestion makes perfect sense -- I understand what you are saying. I'll be sure the images are the same size (dimensions). I'll get right on this. Thanks again.