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    How do I change a site name in Muse

    Barbara Mills Level 1

      My site is working well. My domain nam is correctly directed. The problem I have is smaller than that.

      my domain name is sewniceandeasy.com

      When I published the site, I named it sewnice&easy in the box labeled "Site Name" - this is just the name of the site for Muse, i believe.

      It does not seem to be connected to the actual domain name.

      Anyway, little did I know that when I put the ampersand in, it would save it as "&" giving me the wierd site name sewnice&easy.

      I understand that this does not really affect the workings of anything, and as I say, my site is working well. When I publish changes they are uploaded fine.

      But that site name bothers me. Is there a way I can change it without messing everything up?





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