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    button help

    synterx Level 1
      I'm very new with Flash, so please bear with me. I'm trying to make my entire .swf a giant link, I don't need a specific button in the swf, the whole thing is fine.

      So, I made a layer at the bottom, made a button that is a box covering the whole thing. Made a hit state of the whole thing.

      Then, I did what every tutorial I could find on the web says to do. Add the ActionScript "getURL"...I type the complete url, using " around it, and then hit return, and put the } symbol on line 2.

      Errors pop up in the error reporter.

      Yet, every single tutorial says "that's all there is to it". Well, apparently not.

      Any ideas on what I'm leaving off?

      The url of the site with the swf on it is: http://www.flywayhighway.com/welcome.html

      I've spent two hours solid already trying to figure this most basic thing out.

      Any help is much appreciated.