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    InDesign CC randomly creating file copies on open

    PlatinumSpork Level 1

      I have noticed over the past few days that ID CC is randomly creating duplicates when I try to open a file.

      Here is the process:

      1)  double click to open file, or Command + O

      2)  ID creates a copy of the file that I am trying to open, and appends it with 'copy' at the end of the filename

      3)  the 'copy' version of the file is opened instead of the original

      4) I notice and lose my mind trying to figure it out



      So this happens randomly, across multiple files, new and old. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to this, it just randomly occurs. If anyone else is having this same problem, chime in and lets see if it keeps happening.


      OS 10.8.5

      3.2 Quad Xeon

      32GB DDR3