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    Context-Sensitive Help with TOC

      I am creating an online help system and context-sensitive help with RoboHelp X5. So far, so good...our customer wants the help to work like this:
      1. User is in application and clicks the Help button.
      2. System displays context-sensitive help for the screen the user is on with the standard help TOC pane on the left and the
      screen-level help on the right.
      3. User can now view screen-level help for that specific screen or move through the help system via the TOC, Index, or
      search feature.
      Well, I can create an online help system and I can create context-sensitive (screen level) help, but I can't seem to mingle the two!
      The developers are beginning to hide (they are using JAVA 2EE) when they see me coming!
      Help for help!
      Thanks for any and all suggestions. Surely I am not the first to have to create this!