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    does the duration of the video change after putting a slow motion effect?


      Hi, I'm new with this After Effect software, and through researches and youtube videos, i learned how to make a slow motion clip, but i found a problem just after i was so happy to learn something new. Because I was so excited to try it out, i took a quick 3secs clip and edited it, after all the successful application of the slow motions, the clip suddenly stop without finishing the whole video, the duration of the clip remains 3 seconds after i applied the slow motion, i was hoping that the duration would go over 3 seconds because the slow motioned part was only at 5% the original speed.


      So my question is, is the duration really supposed to stay the same after the slow motion is applied or should it expand finishing the whole video.? Then what should I do if the duration doesn't expand?


      Pls give me a respond, thx.:))