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    How do I "quit Dash Board Client"?


      I have Mac OS 10.8.5   Safari 6.0.5


      I'm trying to update from  to  but the installer wants me to quit apps.

      OK  no problem. It does that every time  but.....this time it's telling me I have to quit "DASHBOARD CLIENT"

      --???  that's new.  The only thing I have in my dash board are a couple pop-ups with current local weather info.

      that show themselves if I move my mouse to a particular location and they go away when my mouse does.


      There isn't anyway to "quit" them that I know of.  They're not listed, nor is Dashboard, when I click on "force quit". under my apple.


      If I go to MIssion Control, the only apps shown on my desk top are Adobe's installer, Safari, Internet connection, text edit, the Finder and this page.  I don't know why all of a sudden it wants me to quit these weather apps too  and I can't figure out how to do that-- or how to quit the Dashboard.


      I just tried to quit this message, all apps, internet connection, Safari & text edit.  Then I clicked on the disk image for the Flash Installer  but it can't retrieve the download.  It says  " Installation encountered errors. 

                                                                       Actionlist not found. "


      So that doesn't work either.


      hmm.. One more thing  to try……


      I trashed the Adobe Installer  and started over.  I got a new disk image and took it as far as it was all downloaded and trying to install when it told me to quit  2 apps:  Safari  & Dashboard Client.  I thought  if I wasn't online anymore, these weather apps can't work, so that should equal quitting them but……

      after quitting Safari and my Internet Connection……. I still get told to  quit DASHBOARD CLIENT.


      Can someone help me please.