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    RH6 Doesn't Like Conditional Build Tags?

    LisaR18 Level 1
      We just upgraded to RH 6 yesterday and I've been upgrading our projects and testing them. One of the projects (Project A) seems to have upgraded fine. It is quite simple: no conditional build tags or conditional builds. I generated WebHelp just fine and spot tested some links just to get an initial idea of how the project is doing in the new version.

      However, the other project (Project B) is complicated and has many build tags. When I generate WebHelp with one or more tags excluded in the build, I get an error and report. These are the steps I took to troubleshoot, but still can't figure out the cause:

      1. If I INCLUDE all tags in the Project B's build (no excluding), I have NO errors. So, I thought there might be a problem with the tags carried over from RHX5.
      2. I then tried creating a fresh, new RH6 tag in Project B and excluding that, and I get the error again. I then wondered if this is a global problem with RH6.
      3. So, then I opened Project A (the one that had no problems so far) and created a new tag there and excluded it. I got NO error. That project continues to work fine.

      So it appears there's something wrong with Project B. It may or may not have anything to do with tags.

      Has anyone else had problems with complicated projects with lots of tags in RH6? I appreciate any help. I'm stumped.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lisa and welcome to our community

          There is an issue with tables (I think it's merged table cells) and build tags in Version 6. Fellow Community Expert Peter Grainge has information at this link. I think Adobe has even posted a patch for it. Check Peter's site and you will have all the details.

          Cheers... Rick
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            HKabaker Level 2
            Lisa, you say

            ...I get an error and report.

            Does the error have a number or description? What does the report say? Does RH totally hang up?

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              LisaR18 Level 1
              Hi Rick and Harvey,

              Sorry I wasn't more specific, Harvey. RH completely crashes (shuts down) after you acknowledge the error. The error report was extremely long, so I hesitated to make my message too long if someone would recognize the problem just from a shorter description.

              As it turns out, I used the fixed .DLLs that Rick refers to in his message. It's Peter's snippet #71, RH6 Patch for Merged Cells Issue and Relative Links Issue. This fixed the problem.

              Thank you, Rick and Harvey, for your responses and help!


              P.S. On another note, I must say I REALLY like being able to get rid of my redirect topics and tag TOC and index entries instead in RH6. AWESOME!