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    Error when attempting to move a clip towards a point


      I have a small script that does so when I click somewhere on the screen a movie clip will rotate so it's looking at where I clicked and then move towards that point until it reaches it. Sometimes it works perfectly, however often the movie clip will go into a "spasm" state long before reaching it (with that I mean it will stop and start shaking).

      It completely baffles me why it's doing this.

      Here's a compiled version of it for anyone wanting to see the problem.
      (The top left text box show the distance on the x axis, the one under shows the same on the y axis. The rightmost text box shows the result of the distances in the distance formula ( sqrt( x squared + y squared ) ).

      here's the source of my project.

      And here's the movement code I have. (for anyone not wishing to download the file)