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    Can't Open CR preferences

    David Remington Level 1

      I also posted this in Bridge General Discussion.


      I'm setting up a new Macbook Pro, late 2013 15", 10.9.2


      CS6 Production Premium, Also have Indesign CS6, LR5, Acrobat Pro 11. Camera RAW is version 8.4. Everything is up to date.


      Bridge and Camera RAW preferences are not working correctly. Bridge prefs related to Bridge display, e.g. color theme, text beneath thumbnails, favorite locations, etc.. all work fine. Bridge prefs open and close fine with no errors. "Double Click Edits Camera RAW Settings in Bridge" does not take. Photoshop launches to open Camera RAW regardless of whether this is checked or not. Camera RAW preferences will not open. Selecting "Camera RAW Preferences" from Bridge does nothing. Camera RAW seems to work fine hosted by Photoshop.


      I tried a new user with the same results.


      What's up with this? Anyone else seeing this? Solution?