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    Re: FLV Scaling problem

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      I am loading a FLV file in standard FLV playback component. This component
      in turn is placed inside a scroll pane. The idea is to capture the screen
      activity, record it as FLV and playback in this component. As such, the
      scroll bars are required to allow the screen playback at 100%.

      However, I want to allow the user to click on a button which reduces the
      size of FLV (width and height), so as to fit within the scrollpane (whereby
      he is able to see the entire screen, but may be lesser font and icon size
      etc.). This functionality is very similar to what Breeze is providing.
      However, when I try to reduce the FLV scaling by say even 10%, there is a
      considerable quality loss and nothing is readable.

      Kindly look at the following URL... it is my simple demo to demonstrate what
      i meant.


      I have used video object. The base size was 1024 * 768, at which i recorded
      the FLV. On zoom (-) we are making it 800 * 600, and on clicking it again to
      640 * 480. As u can see, there is a considerable quality loss.. Any work
      around pls??? I can supply you the source of FLA and FLV also, if you could
      pls guide me towards the solution?

      Thanks in advance.