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    Questions about Adobe AIR and FLV license model


      I'm currently looking for a game development framework which I can use for a fan-project in my spare time and also for commercial projects for the company I'm working for.

      I think that the Citrus Engine which is open source and based on Apache Flex/Adobe AIR/Starling/Away3D/Box2d/Nate might be a good choice.

      But I'm really confused about the license model of Adobe AIR and its runtime distribution.


      Do I have to pay a license fee or royalties for my games (which include the AIR runtime in order to be stand-alone-apps) when I publish them?

      If so, how much are these license fees/royalties?

      Does this also concern free apps?

      What is the name of the license which I would have to request from Adobe in order to publish my games?

      Do I need several licenses when publishing an app on multiple AppStores (Apple/Google/Amzaon) or desktop distribution platforms (Steam/GOG)?

      Are there further licensing obstacles which I have to keep in mind when using Flex/AIR for (commercial) game development?


      By the way - the FAQ on the product page (http://www.adobe.com/products/air/faq.html) isn't really helping on this topic:

      "How much does Adobe AIR cost?" -> "The Adobe AIR runtime and AIR SDK are free for most users."

      This answer leaves me with the question: Am I belonging to the "most users" or not?

      Therefore it isn't meaningful at all.


      I'm also thinking about adding short video sequences as FLVs to the games.

      If I understood correctly H.264 and MP3 are currently used as a standard for these video files but aren't free.

      Is there a free alternative available for FLVs which can be used in combination with Adobe AIR?

      Or did I get something wrong here and don't need to worry about getting sued when using these formats?


      Thank you in advance for answering my numerous questions.