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    Glowing Effect

    spritc Level 1

      I am trying to achieve a glowing effect where a highlighted part of the screen can appear to glow. The best example I can find to demonstrate it is at http://wm.microsoft.com/ms/woh/navigate.wmv.

      Is this possible in Captivate? Is it even possible using an animated flash file? If so, would it mean I would need a separate animation to suit every shape and size?

      I wonder how they made the Windows Vista animation? Probably entirely in Flash hey?

      Any offerings gladly accepted. The more the merrier.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi spritc

          Admittedly that is a neat effect! At least, I thought it was too. <VBEG>

          You said: I wonder how they made the Windows Vista animation? Probably entirely in Flash hey?

          I'm going to crawl way out here on this shaky little limb and say it probably was NOT created entirely in Flash. I say this because I believe there is a product line under development at Microsoft called "Expressions". One of the components of this product is something that has been referred to as a "Flash Killer". At one point it was called Sparkle. They also have something new called "Silverlight". You may see these at this link.

          As for the glow, I would think someone with Photoshop or other image editing skills might easily be able to create that effect and you would then have it in your project.

          Cheers... Rick
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            spritc Level 1
            Thanks Rick

            I figured I may have to use a program like Adobe After Effects? Is this something that can be achieved in Photoshop? If so, I would like to investigate that option, 'cause I can at least find my way around that program. Are you envisioning an animated gif?

            Thanks for your advice and I hope to hear back from you. If anyone else has advice on what program could achieve an animated glow I would also like to hear from you. Ultimately I would like to re-use the same file(s), instead of custom creating a glow effect for every instance.