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    Problem setting up Flash Builder to build an ANE


      I am a native android developer trying to build an Air Native Extension for some flash developers. I don't know much of anything about flash, flex, AS, or other adobe technologies. The setup of Flash Builder is driving me insane. I followed the advice in Developing and using Adobe AIR native extensions for Android devices | Adobe Developer Connection the best I could (matching SDK versions even if they are old) but I am getting the following error when building the ANESampleTest (Flex Mobile AIR) project:


      Namespace 3.6 in the application descriptor file should be equal or higher than the minimum version 13.0 required by the Flex SDK

      Again, I am NOT an adobe developer. The version 3.6 vs 13.0 is a pretty weird comparison, but I guess 3.6<13.0 and I'm guessing someone in marketing somewhere decided to renumber things. At this point I'm so disoriented by the install, sdk update, and sdk 'overlay' that I have no idea what component is popping this error or where to look for the problem.


      What does this error mean and what is the next step toward resolving it?  Please treat me like a total noob because I do not know about the difference between flash/flex/air and what their respective versions are.


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          The fix: Change the namespace on the second line of <project root>/src/ANESampleTest-app.xml

          FROM:   <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/3.6">

          TO:   <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/13.0">

          A brief and incomplete background:

          The file <project root>/src/ANESampleTest-app.xml is the ‘application descriptor file’. When using the project files downloaded with the tutorial (that contained the 3.6 reference), the builder did not find this compatible with the configuration on my computer (a trial version I installed today - 5/3/2014 - and patched according to the tutorial). I never did figure out how to lookup valid namespaces and am still confused about how all the sdk’s relate to each other. I stumbled upon this solution by creating a fresh new project and found that the namespace specified by the new project wizard was “13.0” on this line of this file.