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    After Effects CC "mixing" frames when rendering

    Uli Grimm Level 1

      So this is the most extreme bug I've ever seen because it makes AE CC absolutely unreliable:


      I am rendering an Apple prores File as usual. Just converting to 16 bit an rendering to Apple prores 444.

      Just somewhere in the middle of the clip there is a frame that doesn't belong there. It comes from two or three seconds before

      which means it is duplicated and placed in between other frames. This looks like a very bad mistake!

      Of course everything is fine in the original clip I am rendering from!


      So I need to check every rendering because of this and if there is a mistake I  had to re-render again and again and again.

      I have been working with AE for years now and never had something similar until the last version of AE CC.


      AE CC

      Mac Pro


      32 GB RAM

      OSX Lion 10.7.5

      Sonnet Raid DX800