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    IMO Adobe choosing to use jive is just one more customer disservice

    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

      One would think that a company that touts their products as web and cloud tools would use them to provide user friendly product forums.   Adobe technical support is historically poor however these forums have help out their users. Now with this latest Jive changes that look geared toward the mobile phone its going to hurt their users for their forums usability has been compromised.    Web development is not done on Phones.  I for one don't have a cell Phone I view them as intrusive devices. Even other people cell Phone intrude and their users don't realize how rude they are being.  Cell phone misuse cause accidents and death.  While my iPod has a small screen I don't use it for the web browsing. Users do not use Phone displays for serious web access.  The use then only because of its convenient for some incidental things. Devices I use on the web have larger usable displays.  If this update upsets you too.  Please make it known  to Adobe.