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    can't get slideshow to work on mac

      I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot get the Slideshow command to work on my iMac. It goes through all the things needed to make it work - exactly the same as the PC - but when you expect to see a preview of each picture while setting it up, it says it can't find the file. If you click the 'Create' button it goes through its paces, showing the percentage completed, but when you try to open it in the browser, it hasn't written anything to the folder (in fact it doesn't seem to have written anything anywhere, no index file, no xml file, no nothing!!!


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          RaycerX Level 1
          I have the same problem on my Mac, as well. Any solutions? I really could use this function in a big way.
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            Frank Branker
            Are you speaking about Fireworks CS3 and can it create a slide show ?
            In what format dose it output the file .SWF?

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              RaycerX Level 1
              Yes. It's Fireworks CS3 I'm talking about. It will automate the creation of really nice looking Flash slideshows with XML thrown in to boot. Won't work on my Mac for some reason though.
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                I am having the same problem on a PC. If I move the image folder I am accessing to just under the root of the hard drive the images show up in the preview pane. But if the image folder is several sub-directories deep they don't show up and I get the same results as Bob3741.

                Also, if I try to re-open the album I "created" the program goes back to the default Fireworks CS3 directory. I can't find the album anywhere.

                I hope someone has this figured out by now and can reply to this...
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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
                  I am on a PC and they are all working fine for me.

                  Al as for the reoponing a previously created Album, you will have to remember where it was saved (that was used in the Export Options/Export Path locator.

                  Basically what I have done is have a separate folder on another drive called galleries dedicated to Albums created so I won't forget where I last saved them.

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                    Al_Hanke Level 1
                    I have no problem remembering where the album was saved... apparently FW has problems finding it.

                    I think I have the problem solved - at least this one (I seem to be having another one with saving to SPRY/HTML format).

                    I got the clue from another post. Apparently FW doesn't like folder names with spaces and my site was buried pretty deep in the directory structure. I copied the site to a location just under the root of the drive and made sure there were no spaces in the folder names so now it only has to look for DRV:/mywebsite/images and then I export the gallery to DRV:/mywebsite/photo_gallery.

                    All the flash galleries seem to work fine but I'd like to look at the SPRY/HTML gallery before I make a final decision which to go with.

                    Al for FW defaulting to it's orignal program directory everytime I go to look for an album I simply find it annoying...

                    thanks h,

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                      heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
                      Indeed Al, I find that annoying too, sure would be nice if it remembered the last used folder...
                      Good catch on the folder naming convention...

                      As for the Spry Player Album version, if you are using IE make sure to copy/ or build the Album to your local (if present)/remote webserver. Otherwise view it from any location using FireFox.

                      Or view a replica of the Photo Gallery here at Adobe Labs