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    How can I cancel an accidental duplicate subscription?

    itvanix Level 1

      Due to a security issue with my creditcard  last year, I had to order a new one. While I was waiting for it to arrive, my CC subscription was blocked. I tried to cure this, following the directions on an email from Support, but then somehow I ended up with two CC subscriptions.


      Adobe Support -in a chat session- agreed to cancel the duplicate subsciption. They explicitely confirmed the cancellation at the end of the chat session. I remember that when I checked my account afterwards, it looked OK at the time. However, I notice now that I still have two subsciptions, and that I continue to be charged twice.


      What can I do to cancel the accidental duplicate subscription myself? Or who at Support can I ask to do it for me? Even if I manage to get one subscription cancelled, will I continue to be charged twice? For how long? Would it be safer to cancel both subscriptions now at the same time?


      Thank You.