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    How to recreate Flash Professional CC preferences

    j9lemmon Level 1

      I recently downloaded Flash Professional CC to a Windows 7 computer. It functions extremely poorly: most dialog boxes don't work and many of them cause the program to freeze, so it can only be closed with Task Manager.


      I called Adobe Tech Support. They emailed me a this link:

      Re-create preferences

      However, that link only refers to Flash CS6 and older versions.

      I have some related questions:

      1 - Is there a version of that link that includes Flash CC?   If there is I can't find it by searching.

      2 - I went ahead and tried one method the link gave for deleting preferences. It said to hold down CTL + ALT + SHIFT while launching Flash CC. Here's a quote from the link:


      Re-create the preferences file
      Note: You can skip the following steps if you do not want to save your old preferences. You can start the application while holding Ctrl+Alt+Shift to delete and reset the preferences to the default.

      I tried to follow this advice this in 2 ways:

           A - I held down  CTL + ALT + SHIFT while clicking on the Flash CC icon in my status bar. The icon froze and nothing launched. I rebooted.


           B -  I held down  CTL + ALT + SHIFT while double-clicking on the Flash CC shortcut on my desktop. It caused this window to open; it looks like a generic Windows 7 properties window, and I don't see anyway to "delete and reset the preferences to the default" as Adobe instructs.




      Does anyone know how to delete Flash CC preferences?