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    Customizing a button

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      i want to include two buttons(Next & Previous) in each topic, by clicking on which should prompt to the previous topic in the TOC or the next topic in the TOC. Is there any feature to include those buttons? Is there any feature to include header and footer in each page???
      Pl help me soon..I am supposed to present my online help at the earliest. I have created a HTML help for my application. I have the version Robohelp for HTML help 9.

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      tech writer - biq
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          In more recent versions you can create a browse sequence and use the AutoCreate from TOC button. Version 9 had browse sequences but I'm not sure about the AutoCreate button.

          Similarly there are headers and footers in recent versions and I'm pretty sure they were in Version 9. Have you looked in RoboHelp's own help?

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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi all

            I could be mistaken, but I think the Headers and Footers were introduced in version 2002, which is logically version 10.

            I know you asked about arrows inside topics. I'm not sure if it helps any, but you could add Previous and Next arrows to the main toolbar of a .CHM file to "walk" the TOC. This is described on David Liske's site. Click here to visit David's site.

            Cheers... Rick
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              tech writer - biq Level 1
              i looked at the help of robohelp itself. But there is no such option to inclued those buttons. And robohelp 9 has no options to include headers and footers. pl help me out.
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                Level 2
                RoboHelp v. 9.0 did not provide an option for Previous and Next buttons, but these were a feature of Microsoft's help and can be manually added to your project. Open the .hhp file in Notepad and in the window definition add 600000 hex to the buttons value. This is the number just before the initial position vector in square brackets. The hex value will start 0x and then probably have only 5 digits. Include a "60" before the numerical part and save the file.

                Now the tricky part - if you compile with RoboHelp, it will erase these bits, so you need to compile with HelpWorkshop. Help Workshop is available free from Microsoft. It is an extremely bare bones help authoring tool.