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    Startup seeking Flex/PHP developer

      Hello Everyone,

      As I might have mentioned before, I'm in the middle of launching a startup focused on the email space and I'm designing the UI entirely in Flex 2 and backend in PHP. Unfortunately, I'm still in the process of learning Flex and, while it's definitely not hard, my lack of knowledge is definitely slowing me down.

      So I'm looking for two good Flex and PHP programmers to help me flesh the application out and get to launch. Our official launch date is June 1, 2007 which shouldn't be a problem as the main UI is already completed and only a few tweaks need to be made and scripts to be written.

      If you're interested, please contact me directly either via email at anthony@adcl.biz or by phone (preferred) at (918) 926-0139. Right now, we are offering equity compensation only BUT we are also pursuing venture funding through Charles River Ventures so money should be here by July.

      If you're good with Flex, PHP, and MySQL and are looking to work on a cool product. Give me a call or email!

      Anthony Papillion